A Chronicle of Lower Canada

Attention, Canadian History Buffs!

Q: What did Louis-Joseph Papineau and the Patriotes want in 1837?

A: The same thing Lucien Bouchard and the Pequistes want now -



" ... The Chronicle brings the whole period alive and is a triumph of the historical imagination, a sure candidate for a Governor-General's prize." Eric Kierans and other reviews of The Chronicle.

Book 1: Welcome Niall O'Donell, Emigrant!
509 pages, ISBN 9696425-1-2,1992

Book 2: A Dangerous Direction 411 pages ISBN 9696425-2-0, 1993
Book 3: A Damned Rebellion! 534 pages ISBN 9696425-3-9, 1995

The series illustrates a critical time in Canadian life that sheds new light on the present situation in Quebec. The novels are a good "read' for the lover of historical fiction. They are also a serious reference work for anyone wishing to study this turbulent period of canadian history. All three books have numerous illustrations and each has a Sourcebook at the back with original source material which is not otherwise easily obtainable.

"... a blend of history and fiction that is more accurate than most history and more entertaining than most fiction. ..." Prof. Graeme Decarie, The Quebecer. Other reviews.

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(Series ISBN 0-9696425-0-4)

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