For schools, students, teachers and principals in the Bahamas

We know there are a lot of young Bahamian students out there who have access to computers but maybe they don't have one at home or they want the flexibility to store their email and documents and have them all available online. Maybe you don't have expensive Word and Excel software available to you. We know you might have MySpace or Facebook accounts (or others) but none of the social network sites offer you access to high quality office software - docs and spreadsheets - online to do your schoolwork and the capability to share these securely with your classmates or workgroup.

Google Apps offers a great solution for you and we have teamed up with Google to offer you access to Google Apps with a login. You'll have access to all the great features of a customized Start Page to login, Google Mail, Google Calendars, Google Docs and Google Chat and other communication tools.

You can create your customized start page with Google's wide selection of gadgets to present you with the exact information you want on login.

Google Calendars present a whole gamut of opportunity to design your own calendars and schedules just the way you want. Your school principal could create a school calendar and share it with all students and teachers in that school. A teacher could create a calendar to track assignment dates for instance and share that with her class. A student can create his own calendar and share it with other students. Likewise you can do the same with your Google based documents.

All your documents and mail are online (you have 2 gigs of space for mail) and always accessible from any web-connected computer. You can be in Nassau, Georgetown, Hopetown or anywhere and access your mail, calendar and docs stored online. It offers almost limitless flexibility and possibility for you, your schools, your teachers and administrative staff. is your platform to build. We will be adding stuff as we go along but most of all we would like to hear from you. Tell us about links you think we should make on our webpages and suggestions for content. Please give us feedback of how you use Google Apps to your advantage. So here is your chance to get a free account and use Google GMail and other Apps. All you have to do is send us an email with your first name, last name and the user name (nick) you would like to use.

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