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Soft wet moss beneath my feet
The rain trickles down
The damp, wet wilderness
Flowers bloom and grass made green
A rainbow guides me home

A.G. 1990

The Coat of Arms of the Bahamas depicting Columbus' ship, the Sanata Maria, in the centre, the Blue Marlin on the left (the national fish), a pink flamingo on the right (the national bird) and topped by a conch shell. Forward, Upword, Onward, Together is the country's motto which replaced the old colonial motto Expulsis Piratus, Restituta Commercia - expel the pirates and restore commerce which was the motto of the first governor of the Bahamas, Woodes Rogers.

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    The logo of the Bahmas National Trust Our Bahamas National Trust
    Preserving and enhancing our unique treasures of sea, land, flora and fauna. Join and support the BNT

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