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July 1999 The Catharsis of Nurses
June 1999 Sympatico Security
May 1999 Quebec State Fundamentalism
May 1999 Letter from Inside the Bombing
May 1999 Terminus Unknown
April 1999 Through the Balkans
March 1999 Sugaring Off - a slide show
March 1999 Linux ... Bill Gates nemesis?
March 1999 Y2Ktest...are you ready?
March 1999 A Unique Way of Banking
March 1999 All About Service
March 1999 Quebec's Bags of Blood
February 1999 Excuses - Chretien and the funeral.
February 1999 Medical Databases
February 1999 Beautiful Butterflies
January 1999 Alliance Quebec and Health Care
January 1999 Eco-Terrorism...a threat here?
January 1999 The Sherbrooke Record Fire
January 1999 Quebec Election Round-up
January 1999 New Year Resolutions 1999
January 1999 Spreading it Around
January 1999 Truth Justice & Morality
January 1999 Cut Your Own
December 1998 No Broken Spokes
December 1998 A Fall Hike to Johannsen Peak
December 1998 Can Democracy Survive in Quebec?
November 1998 Paul Martin's Beau Risque
November 1998 Revisiting Canada's Choices...
October 1998 Fall Foliage on the P'tit Train du Nord
October 1998 The PC Party Leadership Race
October 1998 Time to Transplant
September1998 Much to Learn from Lincoln

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