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The following pages of information are provided as a public service by LaurentianWeb in an effort to inform the Laurentian community and other english speaking people across the province about the activities of Alliance Quebec. Should you have an article or information which you would like to bring to the attention of Alliance Quebec members, LaurentianWeb would be pleased to post it here.

We wish to make it absolutely clear we are not an "official" website or media outlet for Alliance Quebec and we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information.

  • Profile of President William Johnson and his six principles.

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    Articles and Letters:

  • "Towards a New Inclusiveness and Membership Involvement" Christopher Goodfellow.

    1998 Provincial Convention Information

    This information is no longer current but we will keep in on the site for reference.

  • 17th. Provincial Convention Agenda as provided by AQ in the delegate package.
  • General Information on the Provincial Convention
  • Chapter Delegate Information
  • Annual General Meeting Schedules of Chapters
  • Rules and Nominations Info
  • Upper Laurentians Info
  • School Board Elections Information

  • The Annual Convention of Alliance Quebec will be held on the weekend of May 29-31, 1998 in Montreal.

  • Nominations for President, Treasurer and 20 board seats will open on March 30 and close on May 1 1998. A person seeking a position on the provincial board can obtain the necessary form from Alliance Quebec by contacting Ruth Pelletier at 514-875-2771. In order to seek a position on the board, the signatures of 5 fully paid up members are required.

  • The provincial board is completely separate from the chapter boards which hold their own annual general meetings (AGM) to elect their own boards and delegates to the convention.

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  • Chapter Delegate Information
  • Annual General Meeting Schedules of Chapters
  • Alliance Quebec Membership Form

  • The following table is a list of the Chapters of Alliance Quebec with the dates of annual meetings and cut-off dates for new members to vote at the annual meeting of the chapters to elect delegates to the provincial convention in May. The number of delegates and youth delegates are shown. We have included a list of the six Autonomous Regional Associations each eligible to send 8 delegates. There are in addition 27 Organization Member Groups that are each eligible to send up to 5 delegates.

    Chapter NameDate of AGMCut-Off New MembersNo. of delegates Youth Delegates
    Montreal Chapter April 26March 27486
    West Island April 19March 20 81
    East IslandApril 26March 25 81
    South Shore April 23March 24 81
    Laval-North ShoreApril 30March 31 81
    Upper Laurentians April 24March 25 81
    Lower LaurentiansApril 19March 20 81
    Abitibi EastApril 26March 27 81
    Abitibi WestApril 25March 26 81
    St. Maurice April 26March 27 81
    Saguenay April 18March 19 81
    Youth Commission April 8March 9 15
    Sub-Total 12831
    Autonomous Regional Associations No. of delegates Youth Delegates
    Coasters' Association 8 1
    Outaouais Alliance 81
    Townshippers' Association 81
    C.A.S.A. 81
    Voice of English Quebec 8 1
    CVESPA 8 1
    Sub-Total 17637
    Regional Community OrganizationsNo. of delegates Youth Delegates
    Baie Comeau 2na
    C.A.M.I. (Magdalen Islands) 2na
    Sept Isles 2na
    Sub-Total 18237
    OtherNo. of delegates Youth Delegates
    Organization Member Groups27 groupsup to 5 each135na
    Provincial Directors of AQ 40 directors1 each40na
    SummaryNo. of delegatesYouth Delegates
    Total Delegates to Convention35737

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    Schedules of Annual General Meetings

    Alliance Quebec Chapters

    Annual General Meetings 1998

    DateChapterGuest SpeakerProvincial Speaker LocationTime
    April 8Youth Commission(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Comedy Works 1238 Bishop St. Montreal7:30 pm.
    April 18Saguenay/Lac St. Jean(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Riverside Regional H.S.7:00 pm.
    April 19West Island (Montreal)(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Cedar Park United Church2:00 pm.
    April 19Lower Laurentians(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Lachute Legion Hall 634 Lafleur Lachute2:00 pm.
    April 23South Shore(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)St. Francis of Assisi H.S.7:00 pm.
    April 30Laval/North ShoreJim DuffHarold ChorneyWestern Laval H.S. 5075 du Souvenir7:00 pm.
    April 24Upper Laurentians(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Trinity Church 12 Prefontaine Ste. Agathe7:30 pm.
    April 25Abitibi West(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Rouyn-Noranda7:00 pm.
    April 26Montreal Chapter(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)Cheney Hall Erskine American United Church 3407 Ave. Du Musee2:00 pm.
    April 26East Island Montreal(unconfirmed) (unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)
    April 26Abitibi East(unconfirmed)


    Val D'Or2:00 pm.
    April 25St. Maurice(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)(unconfirmed)

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